Craft was founded with the goal of producing the highest quality concentrates in the industry. Since launching in 2015, we have expanded to two Colorado facilities based in Denver and Pueblo.

We have over 130 employees and service more than 350 reputable dispensaries. Today, Craft is a household name that is synonymous with premium quality and best-in-class customer service.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve our processes and products to give you the highest-quality concentrates and strains on the market. We are passionate about what we do, and the handcrafted products we produce. We believe that what we do is an art form, and that is why we treat every product like it’s own masterpiece.

We Grow

In hash-making, our extract quality is determined on the quality of the product material. That is why we trust our skilled botanists and growers to cultivate healthy plants, free of mold, mildew, and pests; because healthy plants are the foundation of our incredible extracts. Without this essential branch of our operation, the love, attention and skill that are put into all other steps of our in-house processes would truly be for naught.

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We Refine

We wouldn’t trust anyone other than the most experienced and talented extraction artists to run our concentrates department. That’s why we’ve sought out industry-leading experts to develop and perfect our own unique extraction processes. Our processes have been refined through a combination of time-tested and proven extraction methods and new-age knowledge and technology. At Craft, we are obsessed with quality and will continue to innovate and refine our methods to provide the best concentrates on the market.

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We Innovate

At Craft, innovation is a core part of our mission. We are constantly working to improve, perfect, and discover all aspects of marijuana concentrate production. Wether we’re devising new techniques to increase efficiencies throughout the entire lifecycle of our products, or creatively devising new methods to extract, or listening to our loyal customers in an effort to meet their needs, our mission is to discover and innovate.

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