Craft is excited to announce that after entering this year’s Rooster Magazine THC Classic we’ve won three awards:

1st Place Vape Pen: Panacea Lemon G x Hollywood Cartridge

1st Place PHO Wax: Panacea Lemon G PHO Wax

3rd Place Shatter: Panacea Tangerine Haze Shatter

Our research and development team spent a lot of time developing products like our Panacea Live + Distillate 500mg cartridge in anticipation of upcoming competitions.  The perfect blend of live resin terpenes combined flawlessly with high-potency THC distillate; the taste is absolutely divine on our Lemon G x Hollywood cartridge.  Description from the 2018 buyer’s guide to Colorado’s best buds “Craft’s Hollywood (G.S.C. x Stardawg) strain is packed with legendary G.S. Cookie flavor that coats the mouth as you inhale.  Lemon G component adds the perfect compliment, awakening your senses with the taste of lemon cookies.  This combined with our high-testing distillate craft a 100% cannabis-derived cartridge.”

Craft has long been known for their PHO-riginal, PHO-nomenal wax concentrates that we’ve been producing since 2015 especially when it comes to some of our renowned Panacea strains: Cornbread, HP-13, and Lemon G.  We entered out Panacea Lemon G PHO Wax feeling rather confident that the limonene terpenes were impressive enough to capture the judges senses along with their votes.  We’re super excited that our Panacea Lemon G PHO Wax won 1st place – here’s the description from the 2018 buyer’s guide to Colorado best buds ”Panacea Lemon G has all the ingredients for crafting beautiful concentrates, but this buttery-blonde wax excels, being exceptionally fruit forward – bursting with lemon zest, pine-sol, and tangerine.  The flavors persist in your mouth long after the smoke clears, as the clear, euphoric high sets in.” Pick out PHO-riginal tee shirt from our Shopify store by clicking here.

We also entered our Panacea Shatter into the competition and took home 1st place for shatter – here’s how our Tangerine Haze is described in the 2018 buyer’s guide to Colorado’s best buds ”Imagine the aroma of a fresh peeled tangerine. Tangerine Haze delivers an exotic citrus flavor that will leave you soaring in a sativa daze.  A longtime favorite in the Colorado industry, Tangerinze-Haze is top notch for shatter with an excellent color, stability, and aroma.  And certainly can’t ignore the 85.17% cannabinoids.”  Thank-you for supporting Craft concentrates and be sure to check out these award-winning Panacea strains the next time you see them on a dispensary shelf near you.

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