There seems to be a million strains out there these days with all the crossing and breeding that’s done in different cannabis gardens. We’ve done a little bit of the hard work for you by sampling numerous Craft strains and we are here to tell you all about four strains from our in-house garden that you just can’t skip.

We’ve select these strains for their terpenes, their taste and some for their amazing effects – our garden is a space where we’re able to innovate, experiment and create strains we know will be excellent yielders for phenomenal concentrates. All of our in-house strains are amazing however these four stood out enough to make this blog post so do yourself a favor and scoop them up if and when you see them!

Jack Frost (bred by Goldenseed) is a strain we featured on our Instagram a number of times in its’ Live resin form – this extract is phenomenal in flavor and even more powerful in effect/high. A strain that was developed for it’s aroma, terpenes and yield capabilities; our Jack Frost is made up of a potent hybrid cross between White Widow, Jack Herer and Northern Lights #5. On first whif you will smell earth and pine notes from the Northern Lights but on the exhale your taste buds are greeted with an overload of citrusy and candy-sweet flavors.

Banana Double Tangie is for the flavor lovers and terpene-fans; this is a super sweet cross (by DNA genetics) of Banana Split and Lemon Skunk. A stonier hybrid a few dabs of Banana Double Tangie will have you reaching for the remote in preparation for Netflix. What stands out the most about this strain is the ability to taste both the bright, citrus goodness of the Lemon Skunk along with the candy taste(like those Banana Runts we ate as kids) Banana terps. This one is definitely rarer than some of the others but if you see it, try it and leave us a review about your experience.

Hollywood was designed for heavy smokers, people with a high tolerance or patients in need of some serious relief. This strain was created from the combination of the renowned ‘Form Cookies’ with industry favorite ‘Stardawg’ creating the legendary Hollywood (not to be confused with Hollywood OG). This strain is native to Boulder, Colorado and was part of a one time pollination when an entire grow room of GSCookies was introduced to a male Stardawg. This is a feel-good strain and a very powerful hybrid that usually leaves the user feeling heavy, relieved, relaxed and ready for a movie night.

Nate’s Strawberry is another excellent flavorful in-house strain to keep an eye out for – different than all the rest this strain has a clone-only genetic lineage. Being that this strain is clone-only makes the Nate’s Strawberry exclusive to the Craft grow here in Denver, Colorado. A great day time smoke but more than 4-5 dabs will send you for the lawn chair or hammock; a perfect afternoon nap strain. Nate’s Strawberry is also excellent for appetite stimulation, stress reduction and an overall feeling of euphoria. Flavor profiles from this concentrate are usually similar to Flo being sweet, earthy and subtle hints of Strawberry come across on the exhale.

Whatever form (shatter, PHO Wax, live resin) you come across these four strains we HIGHly recommend giving them a try; we’re certain you won’t be disappointed by the power these strains pack. We love feedback here at Craft concentrates – join the conversation below: what are your favorite Craft Panacea strains? And why? We love hearing from customers and it helps us improve and focus on innovating better strains with more medicinal benefits.

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