As cannabis legalization continues to spread throughout the country, the cannabis industry is experiencing an explosion in technological innovation. What a time to be alive! We know we’re only halfway through the year, but we’ve already seen some impressive innovations thus far. Making us wait for another six months to report on this seems like a cruel request. Here are some of our top picks for coolest cannabis innovations of 2018 thus far.

Puffco Peak

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here. The Puffco Peak was revealed at this year’s CES conference, and our minds were blown. The Peak is a battery-powered dab rig with four different heat settings so you’ll never need a butane torch for your next dab sesh. It only takes 20 seconds to heat, and has a battery life of roughly 2 hours. The smart dab rig retails for $380.

Dip ‘N Dab

One of the newest additions to the Craft product lineup is Dip ‘N Dab, from the Panacea line. One gram of this potent high terpene extract blended with distillate will be a beautiful partner to your CBD concentrate, in the 2nd container. This is perfect for when you want to create your own unique experience. Your body and needs are unique; Dip ‘N Dabs empowers you to create a custom journey, just right for you, rather than having to buy multiple products with different ratios to find out what works best. CBD is being researched around the world for its impact with seizures, inflammation and other issues, and this particular vehicle for CBD is perfect for veterans and amateurs alike.

Leaf App

Modern horticulturalists rejoice — the Leaf App and grow system is now available for purchase. This “plug-n-plant” system that lets you grow your very own crop to perfection. The Leaf box can house up to two cannabis plants for a four to five ounce yield. The box retails for $3,000, and lets you be on autopilot while your cannabis flourishes. The Leaf box has an autonomous climate control system, an automatic plant nourishing system, and a LED system to deliver the necessary amount of “sunlight” — green thumbs not needed. The box even comes with a mounted HD camera so you can watch your garden’s progress.


Hydrology9 is essentially a vape and a bong rolled into one beautifully constructed device. So you can enjoy a safe AND smooth smoke session, all at once. The device vaporizes cannabis flower at its base and then smoke is filtered through a water chamber. The device retails for $250, but is currently on sale for $200.

BrewBudz Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods

Alright, this was technically a 2017 cannabis tech product, but we thought it deserved a shoutout. BrewBudz has come up with a way to combine two of our favorite vices into one compostable coffee pod. What’s so novel about these pods? The cannabis compounds in BrewBudz are well-balanced and provide the highly coveted “entourage effect” wherein cannabinoids and terpenes work harmoniously together for the perfect buzzed buzz.


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