Craft was born from the medical cannabis industry with a desire to produce excellent medicine at an affordable price that never sacrifices quality, purity or consistency. Our Craft Panacea garden is loaded with strains full of great medicinal benefits; we’re going to highlight five strains we believe are packed with excellent symptom relief. It’s important to listen to your physician during your medical marijuana red card visit – typically they will provide insight on how cannabis will help different conditions but also in different forms such as edibles, topicals and concentrates. Heading to a ‘medical-only’ cannabis center may be beneficial as the budtenders are usually able to help pick out strains rich in CBD or indica heavy that can be helpful for pain and sleep related issues. Below we’ve list five excellent Craft Panacea strains aimed to cure all that ails you:

  • HP13 (Afghani x Thai) HP standing for hash plant gives this strain it’s Indica dominance as well as an amazing aroma of floral, candy-fruit and sweet terpenes on the exhale. Upon blowing out some Hp-13 smoke most users will experience almost immediate pain and stress relief, especially helpful for winding down after a long day at work.
  • Pennywise (Harlequin x Jack the Ripper) One of the few CBD strains inside the Panacea Garden; Pennywise is an excellent combination of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper giving it a well-balanced 1:1 ratio. This strain is mellow with a balanced ratio of THC/CBD – flavors from the smoke might include coffee, lemon and bubblegum. Due to the sativa lineage in the Jack the Ripper some users may experience subtle mind stimulation that will quickly fade into deep relaxation. Particularly effective for PTSD, cancer symptoms, people suffering from arthritis, epilepsy and neurological disorders.
  • Tora Bora (LA Confidential x X18 Pure Pakistani) Almost a pure Indica strain, an excellent strain for relief from pain and insomnia, three effects commonly felt from Tora Bora would be relaxed, sleepy and euphoric. This strain is extremely resinous and excellent for hash production; if ever you see Craft Panacea Tora Bora around definitely give this strain a try especially those suffering from pain and stress.
  • Chocolope (Cannalope Haze x Chocolate Thai) Not all medicinal benefits come from CBD or Indica only strains; Chocolope is a great example of a sativa that is great for day time and helpful for those struggling with depression or stress. This sativa can usually lead to such effects: euphoria, happiness and uplifting – finding uplifting strains can be difficult with so many OG crosses around the industry. Once you find a great strain like Chocolope discovering the ability to mood lift with cannabis can be an excellent change of pace for those struggling with mood disorders.
  • Cornbread (Katsu Bubba Kush x Rare Dankness #2) An excellent appetite stimulant, a well-balanced Indica dominant hybrid, Cornbread will help you relax and later in evening can be a great sleep aid. Upon exhale most users experience euphoria and uplifting cerebral buzz followed by a heavy, creeping stoniness with a slight side effect for the munchies. Medicinally speaking this strain will help with stress, lack of appetite and can be excellent for pain management.

If your searching for new medicinal strains or seeking pain/symptom management definitely seek out some of the Craft Panacea strains we’ve list in this article or find a Craft retailer near you:

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