There are few things in life that are better than a homemade cannabis dessert. Picture this: the sweet smell of chocolate wafts through your kitchen, Netflix is queued up for binge-watching, your pot brownie is warm enough to melt a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is living, my friend. In an effort to elevate your cannabis dessert game, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes so you can make edibles at your leisure and discretion.

What are cannabis desserts?

Cannabis desserts aka “edibles” are THC-infused treats that can be made with sativa, indica, hybrid strains, or pure CBD.

How are edibles made?

If you have any weed in your possession, you have the first, and arguably most important ingredient for cannabis desserts. Most edibles are made with some form of cannabis-infused fat like cannabutter or canna-oil. Once you have your batch of THC-infused fat, just substitute butter or oil in a recipe for your preferred cannabis fat.

What are the potential side-effects of edibles?

If you cook with cannabis, the effects may last longer and feel more intense than when you smoke. Dosing with edibles can be tricky, as it isn’t as easy to regulate intake as it is with smoking weed. Be sure to proceed with caution, and don’t overindulge. The THC effects can take longer to feel with edibles — up to an hour longer sometimes. Be patient and have some regular (THC-free) snacks nearby in case the munchies hit.

What cannabis dessert recipes should I try?

We thought you’d never ask. Here’s our list of staff-picked, favorite cannabis dessert recipes. Enjoy responsibly-ish.

Fireside S’mores, recipe from the Cannabist
(Photo credit: Bruce Wolf)

Mint Chocolate Cannabis Ice Cream, recipe from Herb Co.

Classic Pot Brownie, recipe from Thrillist

Cannabis Peach Cobbler, recipe from Herb Co.

Cannabis Toffee Caramels, recipe by Good and Baked

In case you’re not the DIY type, but you love a potent baked good, find pre-made cannabis desserts at one of our favorite retailers here.

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