Every morning we’re a day closer to winter time and you can feel it here in Denver, Colorado – for this post we’ve round up four Craft Panacea strains great for a Colorado fall day. Whether your lounging on the couch watching some netflix or exploring the color changes in the mountains these strains are a perfect fit for autumn days. Fall is perhaps the best time of year to enjoy a session, with some cider, while carving pumpkins and dabbing on one of these delicious Craft Panacea strains:

Lemon G (Columbian derived clone) – Where to begin with Lemon G; for starters start your day with this strain for a super great uplifting buzz along with creative relaxed vibes. Perfect for pumpkin carving or a bike ride along the river – Lemon G rolls with you and won’t be too stoney for the day time activities but will keep you nice and chill no matter what happens.

Lifesaver (Jacks Cleaner X Blueberry) X BogBubble – Some people prefer to start a gloomy fall day with a solid wake and bake; for that we present to you Lifesaver. Perfectly paired with some Chai tea, a book and a cozy blanket this strain will wrap you up with a nice stoney high, great for muscle spasms, cramps, stress and pain. While you sip your tea and watch the rain silently hit the window outside – Lifesaver keeps you relaxed and happy along with providing an amazing euphoric buzz.

Kosher Kush – Fall is great for a movie-marathon or Game of Thrones binge watching session and Kosher Kush is the great companion for both lazy-fall-day activities. Definitely a better strain for the afternoon or early evening; Kosher Kush is very heavy on the body, eyes and tastes very earthy, piney and strong. Dabbing Kosher Kush can certain lead to: the giggles, munchies, mood lifts, pain relief and more – a great strain for a much-needed chill out session especially after a long week grinding at work.

Blackwater OG – Perhaps heaviest saved for last in this blog post – but the Blackwater OG is truly the night-cap dab; some consumers note that the heaviness from this strain can be felt from head to toe. The flavor, kushy and sweet similar to berries, comes directly from the lineage Mendo Purps x SFV OG; if you’re a fan of SFV OG you’re certain to love the Blackwater OG. While your delicious fall roast finishes cooking in the crock pot enjoy a few dabs of this strain for excellent pain relief, stress relief and appetite stimulation so you can eat your dinner and a piece of Pumkpin Pie. Leave the light on next to the bed because it won’t be long before the Blackwater OG sends you peacefully to sleep (or maybe in search of a second slice of pie).

What’s your favorite fall Craft Panacea strain? And what do you like to pair it with? We would love to hear what you think of our fall pairings, and how you like to enjoy your Craft Panacea – drop us a comment below, send us a tweet or follow us over on Instagram: @Craft.710

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