On a recent girls trip to Denver, we found ourselves with a few hours to kill and rampant snowfall to evade. Wanting to explore Denver beyond our Airbnb while retaining some semblance of warmth proved to be a challenge–but we were three girls on a mission. After googling “things to do when it’s snowing in Denver” a yelp listing for Loopr popped up. A pot party bus and city tour? Let’s do this!

Loopr is a BYO-cannabis bus that drives in a continuous loop around Denver. For $25, you earn hop-on and hop-off privileges for three hours. The bus itself is customized with colorful disco lights, large TV screens, a more than adequate sound system, sociable seating, and a dab rig system that is transit-friendly. The bus was what I imagined the Beatles tour bus to be like in 1960 (before they could afford more expensive drugs).

The Loopr app has a real-time map that shows you where the bus is on the loop so you can hop on and off without skipping a beat. Each stop along the route is close to popular dispensaries, bars, liquor stores and munchie spots. You can pick up your favorite form of cannabis, hop onto the bus, and even order a pizza to be delivered to one of the stops. This is pothead efficiency, my friends.

The characters on the bus will obviously vary but here’s what we saw: giggly girls on a snowy day (us), a couple that shared 1/8th of an edible and passed out, two Asian businessmen, and a quiet dude seated by himself consuming more THC than humanly possible. (Side note: I still wonder if the silent dude doing continuous dabs is alright. I hope he is making good life choices wherever he is, and I hope he is happy. I really do.)

Whether you’re a tourist or a local looking for “things to do when it’s snowing in Denver”, a cannabis party bus is the way to go. For a small fee, you get to experience Colorado’s pervasive cannabis scene in the comfort of a private party bus while devouring your own personal pan pizza. Win-win-win.

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