Medical cannabis has been in the state of Colorado since 2000; since then the medical cannabis industry has evolved rapidly over these 17 years.  One of the recent developments came back in June 2017 when law makers signed Senate Bill 17 into law.  According to the Cannabist article ”The act opens the doors for Colorado residents to receive a doctor’s OK to use medical marijuana in the treatment of PTSD symptoms.” making it the first new addition to the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis treatment since 2001.   

Colorado joins 23 other states (June 2017) that recognize post-traumatic stress disorder as a medical condition for cannabis treatment.  With large support coming from the veteran community; providing alternative treatment options for PTSD has never been more important.  The debate in Colorado has been on going; as members of the mental-health community were initially concerned about the effects of using cannabis to treat psychiatric conditions.  Their emphasis was that more research should be complete before settling on cannabis as a treatment for PTSD however after seeing positive results in a number of cases many vets are reaching out to doctors to discover if cannabis may be an acceptable treatment for them.    

About 7.7 million adults will struggle with PTSD at some point in their lives and providing them with different treatment options (other than just pharmaceuticals) will always be beneficial.  Another 15% of veterans returning from combat in the middle east suffer from some form of PTSD; cannabis may be an acceptable form of treatment for them here in the state of Colorado.  It’s incredibly important for doctors to be able to offer alternative treatments for PTSD – current treatments include opioids and SSRI type drugs which can lead to addiction and other negative side effects.  Such as in the case with, Matt Kahl who was prescribed similar pharmaceuticals to treat his condition “It took Kahl about a year to wean himself off all the other medications he was on; now he uses cannabis as his only treatment medication. In 2014, he founded Veterans for Natural Rights to help others.” explains a Westword article here.  Matt is now an advocate for using cannabis as a treatment for PTSD and spoke back in 2015 at the National Cannabis Summit to educate others’ with a similar condition to give cannabis a chance.  Read Matt’s full story here – from shock to awe.

Close to half our nation supports cannabis as an acceptable treatment for PTSD and as research continues to develop the support for this movement will continue to grow.  After reading a number of articles on this topic, the vast majority urge PTSD patients to meet with a doctor first to ensure that cannabis is indeed an effective treatment for their condition.  Politicians in support of this bill explain that trying cannabis recreationally may not be the way to go; instead before going to a dispensary talk to your physician first to receive a medical card which will allow greater access to CBD strains and other CBD blended products.  

Craft has a few strains grown in-house that might be ideal for those with PTSD some might include: Tora Bora, Pennywise and Lifesaver.  Tora Bora is a heavy hitting indica, with effects ranging from relaxed, sleepy to happy and euphoric.  Livesaver similar to Tora Bora is another heavy hitting indica, candy and sweet in taste while being great for pain relief and bred specifically to meet the needs of those suffering from extreme pain.   


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