Craft takes pride in all aspects of concentrate production including growing and developing genetics at our own grow.  A select few concentrate companies focus their attention on growing their own in-house cannabis.  At Craft we’re known for our strains and terpene profiles.  In fact, our growers have developed their own genetics, in-house, creating high-yielding strains with excellent flavor profiles, created with the intention of concentrating each of them into amazing BHO, PHO or distillate.  We spent the day capturing images (below) and passing along questions to learn more about our grow team and grow managers.  Keep reading to learn how these dedicated growers keep churning out incredible Panacea flower to turn into amazing concentrates.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the grow team working the Craft Panacea garden.

My name is Carlos, I am the Craft Grow Manager.  We currently have a team of 10 employees that eat, sleep, and dream Panacea.  We may be a small group, but each and every person is an integral part to the process that produces the best Concentrates in Colorado!  We all pride ourselves on our final product, but it all starts at the grow with extremely careful, dedicated, and passionate team members!

My name is Andrew, I do plant health analysis, environmental monitoring, breeding and genetics.  The grow team at Craft is a bad ass group of motivated growers.  Dedication is what we look for at Craft not necessarily previous experience.  We love to take a dedicated employee with no growing experience and turn them into a complete Superstar and a master at their craft.

What’s one strain or genetic combination you’re proud of inside Crafts’ grow?

Andrew:  Craft Blood Orange Kush is an in-house creation breed by myself, for Craft.  The genetic make up of the strain is (501st OG X Tangie).  The strain has a strong orange scent with gasoline fuel undertones.

What is your favorite Craft Panacea strain?

Andrew:  A strain that we refer to as Hollywood (Girl Scout Cookies Form X Stardawg).  The strain was breed as a one-time pollination by an unknown breeder in Boulder.  She is 24-26% THC smoking her in any form makes you feel so good its like you are ‘the star in a movie’.

Carlos:  My favorite strain currently in our garden, has to be our Craft Panacea “Hollywood” (Girl Scout Cookies x Stardawg).  It’s a heavy Indica, that for even the most “experienced” smokers, still causes high levels of elation with heavy relaxation to follow.  This is an in-house Craft exclusive and we consider it a staple in our garden.  The Live Resin of this strain is straight FUEGO! GO GET SOME!

What are some of the biggest hurdles to growing in Colorado’s industry?

Andrew:  Biggest hurdles in the industry are the growers themselves, and the environments that companies are growing in.  Most growers seem to think they know it all and have seen it all. To be a great grower you must always be a student of the plant; not a know-it-all. The environments that have been transformed from old warehouses, restaurants, shipping containers, you name it and people in Colorado are growing in it.  Setting up an environment proper from the very start is the best thing you can do for your company because if not you will be fighting an uphill battle forever.

Carlos:  One of the biggest hurdles to growing in the Colorado industry has to be all the competition. It feels like from just a few years ago to today; the industry has become flooded with tons of new companies. We are always trying to innovate and stay one step ahead of the industry, and from a garden standpoint that means genetics, new GENETICS! We are, always looking forward and breeding is a giant part of the future here at Crafts’ grow.

How did you get your background in growing cannabis?

Andrew:  Since I first started smoking cannabis I was in love with the plant and all it had to offer. After a few years smoking cannabis was not enough for me and a very good friend of mine was growing at the time and let me in on his secret.  From that day forward, I was absolutely obsessed with growing cannabis.  To me it was all about experience and trial and error.  I was a private caregiver for a large number of patients for over 5 years before joining the Craft Team.  I have been a part of the Craft garden since the company started.

Carlos:  My personal growing experience stems from the same place as most of this industry, in backyards and basements. I have been growing for about 10 years now, and cannabis has really become my passion. With the opportunities that Craft has presented me I continue to be a student of the process and learn more about this business every day. Details, details, details, this is the most important part of my day-to-day life. Whether it be staying on top of compliance, managing inventories, harvesting rooms, developing new processes, creating SOPs, working with my talented breeding and genetics expert, making transfers, or being buried in METRC work, it always comes back to paying attention to details the whole way.  Our owner has instilled confidence in me and my team to create the best product in Colorado, and that is exactly what I strive to do every day!





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